Laffy Taffy: The jokes are almost as bad as the taffy

We’ve all done our fair share of eye rolling when reading the jokes on laffy taffy wrappers. They used to be great for kids, but now they seem to be even a little too cheesy for them. For example:

1. What flies and helps people?
A Helidoctor.
2. What do you call Minnesota when it snows?
Pretty awful. For more jokes to make your eyes roll visit

Knock knock jokes

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Europe who?
No! You’re a poo!

Knock knock jokes are strange because their origins is not really known. We do know that they have existed and been popular since the mid-1930’s but that is all we really know other than myth and legend.

Jokes are riddles funny cousin and one of the most popular (although somewhat childish) brand of joke is the knock knock joke. Walk up to anyone on the street and say “knock knock” and they will definitely respond “who’s there?” as long as they don’t live under a rock. 

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Why do we call riddles riddles?

Words don’t just pop out of thin air. They all come from previous language and builds up. 

The word riddle can be traced to all the way back to its PIE root “krei-” which means to sieve. In Old English the word “hriddel” is the direct root of riddle. This word meant “Coarse sieve.” Riddles can be related to sieves in that you start with all possibilities but you use the clues in the riddle to slowly sieve away all of the incorrect answers until you arrive upon the correct one.

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